Regera (2016-2022)

The Regera is a plug-in hybrid from a limited production with 84 units (incl. 4 for internal purposes: 3 test and 1 crash cars).

At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015 the Regera was presented to the audience the first time. All 80 build slots were sold by June 2017.

As alternative to previous Koenigsegg®, the Regera was designed and developed as a more luxurious and spacious grand touring 2-door sports car. However,the main focus is on an immediate delivery of performance provided by the overhauled powertrain, whereby weight reduction is still aimed on but not most important. Koenigsegg® informed that the most powerful, fastest accelerating hybrid productioncar will be the Regera.

Koenigsegg® was fascinated by the acceleration performance of electric motors without shifting. However, at high speeds a Koenigsegg® internal combustion engine (ICE) is much more effective and the idea of combining both powertrains started the research and development of the hybriddrive for the Regera.

The 7-speed-dual-clutch transmission was replaced by a single-gear-direct-drive-system providing an immediate response for the fast acceleration. For this purpose, Koenigsegg® invented the Koenigsegg® Direct-Drive System™ (KDD™), for the Regera and later models to be build. The 5.0-Liter-Twin-Supercharged-V8- Koenigsegg® -Engine offering the driver 1115 PS (1100 hp; 820 kW)at 7800 rpm on 95 octane RON gasoline. A flex fuel sensor detects E85 biofuel in the fuel tank, which increases the power output by an unspecified amount.The ICE is rev-limited at 8250 rpm to protect the engine. The ICE works together with three electric engines by YASA® having a total capacity of 520 kW (707 PS; 697 hp).Two electric motors, each of them providing 180 kW (244 PS; 241 hp) wheel shaft mounted electric motors drive each and individual wheel and providing torquevectoring and managing traction; one 160 kW (218 PS; 215 hp) motor generatorunit mounted on the crankshaft acts as starter and generator and suppliestorque fill.

It is informed that Regera’s total power output is at 1340kW (1822 PS; 1797 hp) through a hybrid powertrain. The ICE generates the top performance at high rpm. Because of the fixed gear, the rpm actually is at the higher end and corresponds to very high speeds. Performance at lower speeds is executed by electric motors, providing the maximum combined mechanical power output of 1119 kW (1521 PS; 1500 hp) and reaching an electronically limited top speed of 404 km/h – 251 mph.  

To ensure safe driving at high speeds the Regera is equipped with active aerodynamics for optimized downforce of 450 kg – 990 lb at a speed of250 km/h – 155 mph. The downforce is accomplished with a top mounted and foldable active rear wing, independent active front flaps, both can be regulatable by the driver as well as the Koenigsegg® Traction Control System™ which is a uniquely engineered for the front and rear suspension with electronically adjustable ride height, hydraulic shockabsorbers and triplex dampers at the rear.

An optional „Ghost“ package for the Regera includes an extended front splitter, side sills and canards at the front fenders as well as winglets at the rear quarter panels. 20% more downforce is supposed to be added to the standard package and downforce.

Regera`s wheels are Koenigsegg® forged 9-star alloy aluminium wheels with centre locking and with a tire pressure monitoring system. Michelin®Pilot Sport 4S or optional Michelin®Cup 2 are mounted onto the wheels.

Surely the Regera broke a record which was the acceleration record for a production car: 0-400-0 km/h – 0-249-0 mph in 31.49 seconds which is 1.8 seconds faster than the previous record held by the Agera RS.


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